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"It's kind of fun to do the impossible"

A quote that resonates with Sajeda, who has done the impossible many times over in her fashion career.

 Sajeda grew up surrounded by art and artistry, she always had a passion for the colors and textures of the world around her, and how it all fit together. She turned this passion into the foundation of her education and career.

 Sajeda is now an entrepreneur and designer with many strings to her bow. Her creative vision is demonstrated in every garment she designs, using the colors, materials, and designs she loves so much. She is passionate about everything she does—as a mother, a friend, a designer, and an entrepreneur.



    We love you for who you are.  Which is why we try to create each of our garments as "Made to Order". So irrespective of the sizes our collection is available for all sizes and shapes. 


    Each of our prints is a result of countless hours of ideation, sketching and creating seamless digital arts before they make it to the fabric. That is what makes each of our articles uniquely loved.


    We take the pride in building every block of the brand by our self. Being a woman owned, women run brand, we are entirely bootstrapped. That means the only investment we ever had was the love and affection of our clients, friends & family. 


Our collection is not restricted to a specific gender, body type or dressing style. Just the seamless patterns on our prints, our prints are made to compliment everyone alike. 

​From the chic and flowy styles to sharp and elegant they cover it all. So no matter what occasion you're styling for we've got something for you. No wonder the stylists love us!

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